Bolero is a flavored drink mix made with no sugar, no artificial dies, and no stimulants. It’s a delicious and healthy way to have a pre-meal drink since it is mixed with water.

Bolero has been a popular brand in Europe for over 20 years. When GoBolero founder Brian tasted the drink mix, he knew he wanted to bring it to the US. Luckily, he’s located in Utah – the perfect location to serve all 50 states.  We’ve been selling it across the country ever since.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bolero Drink Mix Healthy?

Since Bolero Drink Mix is made with no sugar, no artificial dies, and no stimulants – it’s healthy! Combine our drink mix with water and you have a nearly-0 calorie beverage to help you stay hydrated.

Our Team

Brian Taylor

Owner and President

Father of 3, Bachelors of Science in Design Engineering, Master’s Degree in Business Management, APEC Trained supply chain manager.

Dillon Hill

Web Design & Marketing

Great at smoking BBQ, Bachelors of Arts in Information Science

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Amazon Store Management

Red Fox Fulfillment Inc.

3rd Party Logistics

Red Brick Retail, LLC

Sales Team
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