BOLERO ADVANCED HYDRATION Is a Great Powdered Drink Product
that is perfect for those who maintain an active and healthy lifestyle,
those who want to get in better shape, adults, children and people who
suffer from diabetes. Bolero Powdered Drinks are Sugar Free, Gluten
Free and does not have any GMO's. Bolero has been a popular brand in
Europe for over 20 years and now it is here in the United States. Bolero
comes in over 50 different flavors in three categories: CLASSIC (Fruit
Flavors and Colas), ICE TEA(Black Tea Extract mixed with Fruit Flavors.
In Lemon, Passionfruit and Peach.) and  ISOTONIC  (An Orange Flavored
Sports Drink that restores Electrolyte Balance after intense physical
activity.) Bolero Powdered Drink Mixes come in boxes containing 12
individual Sachets. Each Sachet contains enough mix to create 1.5
(Almost a Half-Gallon) of refreshing drink product.

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Because Bolero is Sugar Free (…and VERY Low in Calories and
Carbohydrates.), it is ideal for those on a diet and trying to be in better
physical condition. Studies show that if you drink a glass of water 30
minutes before a meal, you will eat less. Bolero is a delicious and
healthy way to have your pre-meal drink since it is mixed with water.

BOLERO ICE TEA can also be served hot. Many people enjoy a hot cup
of tea but often with added sugar. Bolero Teas are made with Black Tea
Extract and Delicious Fruit Flavors. The three flavors Bolero Teas come
in are Lemon, Passionfruit and Peach. Bolero Ice Tea served hot is a
healthier and delicious alternative to traditional teas served with sugar.
BOLERO CLASSIC Fruit Flavors are also ideal for use as treats. Children
and Adults will love them in the form of homemade popsicles. They can
also be mixed with milk for flavored milkshakes and as a milk substitute
in recipes for Cakes, Custards, etc.

BOLERO ISOTONIC is an Orange Flavored Sports Drink that is designed
to help you rehydrate and restore electrolyte balance after intense
physical activity.

BOLERO STICKS are a smaller version of the Bolero Sachets. Each Stick
makes 16.9 ounces (The common size of a Bottle of Water.) of Delicious
Drink Product. Comes in many of the flavors you see in Sachets.
Bolero products have been a European standard for water flavoring for more that 20 years and is now
available in the US. Bolero comes in more that 50 flavors, dissolves quickly and easily in water and can
be mixed into milk, almond milk, yogurt and even sour cream. Flavors can be mixed and matched to
produce your signature flavor.
Bolero Advanced Hydration is a powder added to water to create a lite, refreshing and enjoyable way to
stay hydrated. Bolero flavors come in two convenient formats, sachet and sticks. Each sachet contains
enough powder to flavor a half gallon, or a full gallon depending on the intensity of flavoring desired.
Subsequently, each stick will flavor a half liter or up to a full liter as desired.
All of Bolero’s products are GMO free, Gluten free, certified as having NO animal bi-products or animal
testing, no artificial dies and No stimulants (caffeine is naturally present in the Tea products).
Bolero products are Keto friendly, diabetic friendly and kid friendly. A healthy lifestyle requires staying
hydrated and Bolero makes staying hydrated a pleasure.
Bolero Advanced Hydration packs are formulated with 4 sweeteners, Stevia, Maltodextrin, Sucralose
and Acesulfame Potassium. The combination of these sweeteners produces a careful balance to ensure
no Stevia after taste or “diety” flavor.

I drink this all the time! There are so many amazing flavors!


This stuff is amazing! I am a forever customer!! We tried this at FitCon this weekend. We ended up getting 4 boxes. Me and my boyfriend both decided we will never buy another water flavoring product again.


I am hooked on this stuff


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